Asbestos was a construction material that was used in buildings all over the country before the connection to cancer was discovered, needless to say it ceased going into building soon after.  However almost every building built between 1960 to the mid 1980’s were built using asbestos.  Imagine that for a minute, that was one of the longest periods of construction since the end of the war.  There are offices, schools and hospitals that all contain asbestos.  Now there is continuous asbestos monitoring as well as removal happening all over the country.

Avoiding Exposure to Asbestos

Nobody wants to be exposed to asbestos, we all are aware now of the effects it has on our health.  If you own a home built during that era, and many do, before you start any project you need to check for asbestos.  A qualified expert will need to come in and grab some sample of the building to run tests on them.  This will tell you definitively if you have asbestos in your home.  It will let you know if any other harmful materials were used and if there is asbestos what the percentage is.  The percentage will help determine how it should be removed.  If the percentage is more than 1% in the test then it was regulated asbestos and you can officially hire someone to remove it.

Removing Asbestos

Do not try this yourself you need a professional to remove it.  Removing asbestos is extremely dangerous and unless you have the right gear and qualifications don’t even try.  You run a very real risk of making yourself sick, and that is cancer sick not simply the flu.  If it is inhaled asbestos can stay in your lungs forever.  The risk of cancer is directly proportional to the amount of exposure you have had, that being said there is absolutely no safe amount of asbestos exposure.  If you want to live a long and healthy life then you need to get the pros in to remove the asbestos.

If you have been exposed to any kind of asbestos in your home or work building make sure you get regular checkups and make it known to your doctor that you had been exposed so he runs the appropriate tests.  If you have ever seen asbestos being removed from a building you’ve probably noticed the amount of protective gear the removal crew wears.  There is a reason for the masks and bio suits, it is so they don’t become exposed, they are pros so let them do their job.  Here is a video that shows you exactly how they remove asbestos and the gear they wear to protect themselves.